• Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens, Greece
  • Extension of DEIR ALI Combined Cycle Power Plant C.C.P.P.

Testing Services - In-situ testing

As part of its comprehensive range of site investigation services the Edafomichaniki SA Group is able to carry out a wide range of in-situ testing and sampling making use of a range of in-house resources including:

Soil Mechanics

  • Plate Load Test (Strassentest Type) (Ε 106-86, ASTM D 1194-72, ASTM D 1195–64, DIN 18134)
  • Density in Place by Sand Cone method (Ε 106-86)
  • Density in Place by Nuclear method (Troxler device) (ASTM D2922-81, DIN 18125)
  • Subsoil Monitoring Using Inclinometers (ASTM D4622-86)
  • Pile Loading Test (vertical load) (Ε 106-86)
  • Anchor Pull out Test (DIN 4014)

Rock Mechanics

  • In Situ direct shear test of discontinuity (Ε 102-84)
  • Large Plate Load Test (Ε 102-84, ASTM D4395)
  • Convergence Measurement in adits with Invar (Ε 102-84)
  • Deformability Measurement with Extensometers (ASTM D4403, ISRM DOC. 5/1997)


  • Standard test Method for Rebound Number of Hardened Concrete using Schmidt Hammer (ASTM C805, DIN 4240)
  • Determination of strength of concrete with stud driving method (TH. TASSIOS, K. DEMIRIS)
  • Standard test Method for Pulse Velocity Through Concrete (ASTM C597, BS 4408)
  • Determination of the exact location and size of reinforcement bars inside the concrete as well as concrete coverage with Micro Covermeter device (Magnetic)
  • Determination of Concrete Carbonation using Phenolphthalein indicator (Empirical chemical test)
  • Performance of investigation sections to determine reinforcement in beams and columns (diameter, number)