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  • Extension of DEIR ALI Combined Cycle Power Plant C.C.P.P.

Testing Services - Laboratory Testing

For more than 40 years the Edafomichaniki SA Group has operated a geotechnical and construction materials testing laboratory in Athens, which serves clients on a national and occasionally international basis. The laboratory has a specific license by the Ministry of Public Works No Δ14ε/96199/1082/1-3-2010 for operation accreditation for a comprehensive range of geotechnical testing, but is also able to carry out a wide range of tests to other standards. In addition to the testing work carried out directly for external clients, the laboratory plays an important role in supporting the activities of the geotechnical and environmental services operated by the Company.

All these years the quality policy of  the  Laboratory remains stable  targeting the best scientific results and services. For this purpose the Laboratory has established and applies a Quality System according to the National European Standards EN ISO/IEC  17025, incorporating:

  • Well educated staff with longtime experience and practice in tests, respecting the Quality System
  • Intact organized administration
  • Modern(up to date) equipment of high technology checked, accredited and certified every year according to the National Standards
  • Application of Greek and other international Standards of tests (ASTM, AASHTO, BS, DIN)
  • Excellent working conditions  at 450m2 area.

The following testing sectors are in operation:

Soil Mechanics

  • Dry preparation of soil samples for laboratory tests. [Ε 105-86 §1]
  • Determination of water content of soil. [Ε 105-86 §2, ASTM D 2216-90]
  • Determination of bulk density of cohesive soil. [Ε 105-86 §3]
  • Determination of specific gravity of soils. [Ε 105-86 §4, ASTM D 854]
  • Determination of plastic, liquid limit and plasticity index of soils. [Ε 105-86 §5,6, ASTM D 4318-84]
  • Sieve analysis of granular material of soils and aggregates. Dry method. [Ε 105-86 §7, ASTM C136-84]
  • Determination of amount of material in soils finer than the No 200 sieve. [Ε 105-86 §8, ASTM C136-84]
  • Particle size analysis of soils, by hydrometer method. [Ε 105-86 §9, ASTM C136-84]
  • Moisture-Density relations of soils and soil-aggregate mixtures using 2.49kg rammer and 305mm drop (Standard Proctor). [Ε 105-86 §10,11, ASTM D 1557]
  • Moisture-Density relations of soils and soil-aggregate mixtures using 4.54kg rammer and 457mm drop (Modified Proctor). [Ε 105-86 §10,11, ASTM D 1557]
  • Test method for California Bearing Ratio of laboratory compacted soils (CBR). [Ε 105-86 §12, ASTM D1883]
  • Test method for one – dimensional consolidation properties of soils. [Ε 105-86 §13, ASTM D 2435-80]
  • Test method for unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soils. [Ε 105-86 §14, ASTM D2166]
  • Test method for Unconsolidated, Undrained strength of cohesive soils in triaxial compression. [Ε 105-86 §15-6.1, ASTM D2850-82]
  • Test method for Consolidated, Undrained strength of cohesive soils in triaxial compression with Pore Pressure measurement. [Ε 105-86 §15-6.2, ASTM D2850-82]
  • Test method for Consolidated, Drained strength of cohesive soils in triaxial compression [Ε 105-86 §15-6.3]
  • Direct shear test of soils under Unconsolidated, Undrained conditions. [Ε 105-86 §16-5.2.1, ASTM D3080]
  • Direct shear test of soils under Consolidated, Undrained conditions. [Ε 105-86 §16-5.2.2, [ASTM D3080]
  • Direct shear test of soils under Consolidated, Drained conditions. [Ε 105-86 §16-5.2.3, ASTM D3080]
  • Permeability of Soils (Constant Head). [Ε 105-86 §17, E-13, USBR 5600-89]
  • Permeability of Soils (Variable Head). [Ε 105-86 §18, E-13, USBR 5600-89]
  • Permeability of Soils measured in the one – dimensional consolidation device. [Ε 105-86 §19, E-13, USBR 5600-89]
  • Vane Shear Tests in Cohesive Soils. [ASTM D2573-72]
  • Compaction test type. [S.P. WILSON]
  • Identification and Classification of Dispersive Clay Soils by the Pinhole Test. [J.O.G.E.D., p. 11846, 01/76]
  • Determination of the Organic Content of Soils. [AASHTO T194-80]
  • Determination of the Calcium Carbonate Content of Soils. [ASTM D4373-84]


  • Design of concrete mix of given slump. [Κ.Τ.Σ. 97, ACI-211.1]
  • Making and curing concrete test specimens in the laboratory. [ASTM C 192-05]
  • Determination of the Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete. [ASTM C231, AASHTO T152]
  • Test method for compressive strength of Cube Specimens. [ASTM C39, K.T.Σ. 97]
  • Test method for compressive strength of Cylindrical Specimens. [ASTM C42, Κ.Τ.Σ. 97, ΕΓΚ. Ε7/97]
  • Workability (a) Slump, (b) Expansion, (c) VEBE. [(a) ASTM C143, (b) ASTM C124, (c) BS 1881]
  • Preparation, production and testing of concrete specimens. [ΣΚ –304, ΕΛΟΤ 671]
  • Coring and Testing of Drilled Cores. [ASTM C42, ΚΤΣ–1977, ΕΓΚ Ε7/97 Α.Π. Δ14/1906-97]
  • Sampling freshly mixed concrete. [ASTM C 172-04]
  • Capping cylindrical concrete specimens. [ASTM C 617-98]


  • Determination of softening point. [EN 1427]
  • Determination of needle penetration. [EN 1426]

Chemical testing of soil and rock

  • Determination of the Organic Content of Soils. [AASHTO T194-80]
  • Determination of the Organic Content of Soils using the Ignition method. [ASTM D2974]
  • Determination of Carbonate content of soils. [ASTM D4373]

Rock Mechanics

  • Preparing Rock Core Specimens and Determining Dimensional and Shape Tolerances. [ASTM D-4543]
  • Determination of water content. [Ε 103-84 §1]
  • Determination of density and porosity. [Ε 103-84 §3]
  • Test method for uniaxial compressive strength of rock. Determination of Elastic Moduli and Poisson's Ratio. [Ε 103-84 §4, ASTM D2938-86]
  • Determination of Point Load Strength. [Ε 103-84 §5]
  • Determination of the SCMIDT hammer Rebound Hardness E103-84 §7- ΙSRM Suggested Methods. [p 101-103]
  • Determination of Direct Shear Test on specific discontinuity. ΙSRM Suggested Methods. [p 135-136]
  • Determination of the Slake Durability Index. ΙSRM Suggested Methods. [p 92-94]
  • Direct Tensile Strength (Brazilian Test) [ASTM D2936-84]


  • Resistance to Degradation by Abrasion and Impact in the Los Angeles Machine. [ASTM C-131–1996], ASTM C535-89, NFP-18-573-1978]
  • Soundness of Aggregates by Use of Sodium Sulfate. [ASTM C–88-1990]
  • Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates. [ASTM C-289]
  • Sieve analysis of concrete aggregates. [ASTM C-136-117, EN 933.01-08]
  • Determination of Specific Gravity and water Absorption. [ASTM C-127, ASTM C-128]
  • Determination of Bulk Specific density. [ASTM C-29, EN 1097.03-99]
  • Determination of chlorions. [DIN 4226-]
  • Determination of sulfate concentration. [DIN 4226-]
  • Determination of Organic Impurities. [ASTM C-40]
  • Determination of Flakiness Index. [BS812, Section 105.1/1989, EN 933.3]
  • Deval Attrition Test. [Nfp 18-557–1979]
  • Aggregate Abrasion Test (AAV). [BS812, ΕΛΟΤ ΕN 1097.08 ANNEX A (2000)]
  • Aggregate Polished Stone Value (PSV). [BS812/ Part 113: 1991, ΕΛΟΤ ΕN 1097.08 (2000)]
  • Determination of grains shape. [BS812-89, ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ 1097.1980]
  • Elongation Index Determination. [BS812-89, ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ 933.03]
  • Micro Deval Attrition Test. [ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ 1097-1, EN 13450 ANNEX E (2003)]
  • Sand Equivalent Test. [ASTM D-2419, AASHTO T167/2000]
  • Resistance of aggregates to Impact (AIV and crush (ACV). [BS 812/91, ΕΛΟΤ ΕΜ 1097.02]
  • Methylene blue test. [ΕΛΟΤ ΕN 933.9]
  • Clay Lumps and friable particles in aggregates. [ASTM C 142-97]
  • Reducing samples of aggregate to testing size. [ASTM C 702-98]
  • Sampling Aggregates. [ASTM D 75-03]

Asphalt Mixtures

  • Quantitative Extraction of Bitumen from Bituminus Materials. [AASHTO-T164/97, ASTM-D2172/95]
  • Asphalt – Concrete Mix Design (Marshall Method). [ΠΤΠ A260/A265, AASHTO T245-1997]
  • Core Sampling. [AASHTO T230/2000]
  • Marshall stability and flow of bituminous mixtures. [ASTM-D6926-6927]
  • Sampling bituminous paving mixtures. [ASTM D979]
  • Determination of Bulk and Specific Gravity of Compacted Bituminus Mixtures. [ASTM D1188, ASTM D2726]
  • Percent air voids in compacted dense and open bituminous paving mixtures. [ASTM D3203-05]
  • Theoritical maximum specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures. [ASTM D 2041-03]
  • Thickness or height of compacted bituminous paving mixture specimens. [ASTM D 3549-03]
  • Porous Asphalt & SMA Mix Design. [Mix design Methods for Asphalt Concrete (Asphalt institute MS-2 Sixth edition, 1997)]
  • Bitumen Recovery (Rotary Evaporator). [ASTM D5404]
  • Effect of Water on Cohesion of Compacted Bituminus Mixtures. [ASTM D1074-1075]
  • Coating and Stripping of Bitumen-Aggregate Mixtures. [ASTM D1664]
  • Measuring of Surface Frictional Properties Using the British Pendulum Tester. [ASTM Ε303]