• Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens, Greece
  • Extension of DEIR ALI Combined Cycle Power Plant C.C.P.P.

Tunnels and Underground Structures (37 projects)


  • Geotechnical investigations and design of micro-drilling operations and pump - stations in the context of the project "Basic sewage collectors of the West Section of Thriasion Pedion" at Attica Prefecture (EYDAP - ERGO S.A.)


  • Hydraulic Tunnel of Lasithi Plateau - Geotechnical design of excavation and temporary retaining measures with contractual opening method and portals formation in the context of the construction of Aposelemis Dam and water provision of Heraklion Crete
  • Geotechnical design of a sewage transfer tunnel in the context of the project "Design and construction for the collection, transfer and treatment of sewage at the areas of Koropi - Peania"


  • Preliminary geotechnical design of derivation tunnel for the project "Hydraulic Works for Rafina Torrent"
  • Additional geotechnical investigations for tunnel T2 for the Concession project: "Central Greece Motorway E-65"


  • Geotechnical investigations for the design of improvemelnt of National Road 2 (Thessaloniki - Edessa) for the parts a) Chalkidona - Melissi and b) Mavrovouni - Edessa
  • Geological study and Geotechnical evaluation of investigations and design in the context of the project "Improvement design of the National Road Larissa - Kozani (part a: Tyrnavos - Beginning of Elassona deviation and part b: Micro Eleftherohorion - Border of Kozani prefecture"
  • Geological study and Geotechnical investigations and final design of earthworks and structures  for the project "VOAK - Parts Apomarma - Agioi Deka - Kastelli" in Crete


  • Geological - Geotechnical investigations for the alignment design for the new railway along Kalabaka - Ioannina - Igoumenitsa, section Ioannina - Igoumenitsa from ch. 16+300 - 43+200 (2nd stage)
  • Geological - Geotechnical investigations, evaluation and final design of the aquaduct tunnel of Gadouras dam at Rhodes island
  • Geotechnical design of the project "Hydraulic Works and Tunnel for water transportation" at Oued Djer at Blida area, ALGERIA
  • Geological Studies and Geotechnical investigations for the design of the new METRO stations of line 3 - Cholargos - Nomismatokopeio - Agia Paraskevi (ATTIKO METRO SA)
  • Consulting services in geotechnical matters to support EYDE/VOAK for the implementation of the project "North Crete Road Axis - VOAK"
  • Geotechnical investigations and final design for the construction of the road Pili - Stournareika - Mesohora (Gropa Tunnel)
  • Geotechnical evaluations and design of the new road axis Tripoli - Vytina - A. Olympia (parts: Louvro - Tripotamia - Irea interchange)
  • Geological - geotechnical investigations and evaluation of the new extension lines of the Athens Metro (Contract No TSA-334/07)


  • Geotechnical investigations and evaluation for the new METRO line 2 extension, part "Ag. Dimitrios - Hellinikon", (Contract No CON-06/003)
  • Geotechnical investigations and evaluation for the new extensions of the Athens Metro. Line 3: Peiraeus - Evaggelistria, (Contract No TSA - 324/06)
  • Geotechnical investigation and laboratory tests for the project: " Design and construction of Thessaloniki Metro"
  • Additional geotechnical investigations for the Extension of line 2: section Ag. Antonios - Anthoupoli -  ATHENS METRO.


  • Geotechnical investigations and laboratory tests for the new METRO lines in Thessaloniki


  • Geological - Geotechnical investigation and design for the project "Infrastructure studies of new railway line of regular width between Corinthos - Patra in the section from km 59 until km 75 (exit R.S.Diakoptou')
  • Implementation of geotechnical investigations, laboratory and site tests and geotechnical evaluation along the road axis Corinthos - Patra, in the frames of a concession tender
  • Geotechnical design of the entrance portal of Ag. Nikolaos tunnel at subpart 3.2 (Anthohori tunnel - Anilion tunnel) of Egnatia Highway
  • Geological - Geotechnical consulting services for the control and implementation of final designs for tender of the highway BOAK in Crete (including the part Ag. Nikolaos tunnel - Kalo Chorio)
  • Geological - Geotechnical consulting services and technical support for the project "Egnatia Highway - Remaining works at the subpart Igoumenitsa - Eleftherohori, 1.1.2-6"


  • Second  phase of geotechnical investigations and studies for  the needs of preliminary study of the tunnel concerning the double railway line of high speed in the section Lianokladi - Domokos
  • Geological - Geotechnical investigations and design for the additional studies of the project "Traffic Connection of the Hospital Ag. Olga"
  • Geotechnical design for the project: "Egnatia Highway - Ag. Nikolaos tunnel - modification of the existing study of the eastern portal (exit) - Part 3.2 - 3.3"
  • Geotechnical evaluation and final design for the construction of the underground structure (cut and cover) along the connection road of Exohi (Greece) with Gotse Delchev (Bulgaria)
  • Geotechnical investigations and studies for the project "Road axis Kaloudiana - Topolia - Milloi - Ellos - Vathi - Hrysoskalitissa" of Chania prefecture at Crete
  • Geotechnical investigation for the new extensions of the Athens Metro
  • Geotechnical consulting services for the design of new extensions of the Athnes Metro (tunnels and underground stations) a) Iliopolis - Ellinikon and depot, v)Egaleo - Haidari, c) Haidari - Piraeus, d) University - Galatsi


  • Additional geotechnical investigations and design for Aposelemis dam and the bypass of municipal road Iraklion - Lasithi plateau
  • Consulting services for the issue of the final design for failure rehabilitation in the left branch between the ch. 26+530 - 26+550 and in the right sector between ch. 26+548 until the 26+556 and re-establishment of functional cross-section of the right sector for tunnel S10 at section 5.1. of  the Egnatia Highway
  • Geotechnical evaluations and design of structures in various locations of the main axis of Egnatia highway and its vertical axes - Final design of bridge Γ5 at subpart 4.1.2.s (Panagia - Grevena)
  • Implementation of  geotechnical investigations  and design for the sections "I/C Tempi - I/C Rapsani" and "I/C Platamonas - Skotina  interchange" of P.A.TH.E. motorway