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Geotechnical Consulting

EDAFOMICHANIKI Geotechnical Engineering provides expert consultancy, testing and analysis to solve geotechnical problems regardless of their complexity or location.

Desk Studies , Preliminary assessment of sites from walkover surveys

A desk study typically includes a review of historical maps and aerial photographs, consideration of the geological and hydrogeological setting of the site from published sources, contact with regulatory authorities and retrieval of information from database resources. Desk studies are crucial in revealing potential hazards such as mining, landfill operations, nearby pollution incidents, naturally occurring radon gas and potentially contaminating land uses. They also help to understand the wider environmental setting of the site so that potential receptors to contamination, such as groundwater resources, are identified.
The site walkover survey allows the site and its immediate surroundings to be inspected and allows investigation of issues that may have been raised during the desk based research. Indicators of potential geotechnical problems or issues with contamination may be detected and evidence gathered from site personnel or local residents.
The information gathered is used to develop a ‘conceptual model’ for the site and an assessment of the likely environmental and geotechnical hazards is undertaken as part of the first stage of the risk assessment process. The information is applied to rank the environmental priorities and to develop the future site investigation strategy for the site.

Foundation Design & Analysis

Since its formation in 1969 Edafomichaniki has undertaken not just sampling and testing or “factual” geotechnical investigations, but when required (most cases) has carried out the interpretation of data and the subsequent geotechnical design of numerous projects.
This 40 plus years of experience has been brought to bear on a very wide range of geotechnical construction processes including for example:

Ground improvement


Spread foundations

Bearing piles


Sheet piled retaining structures

Retaining walls

Geosynthetic applications (foundation reinforcement)

Projects undertaken throughout Greece and overseas include


Commercial and industrial developments

Marine & Coastal projects

Ports and harbours

Grain silos




Highways, sewers, culverts etc.

Earthworks Assessment

The geological consultants at Edafomichaniki Group are highly experienced in undertaking earthworks assessments for a wide range of projects. Earthworks are required in most development situations, from the creation of level platforms for the construction of buildings and parking areas, to the construction of major embankments and cuts for infrastructure projects.
A good knowledge of material properties and soil mechanics theory along with an understanding of the practicalities of large earth moving exercises is essential in ensuring that optimum performance is achieved.

Edafomichaniki is able to provide a wide range of earthworks services including:

Intrusive site investigation to assess existing soil conditions

Laboratory testing of materials to determine the soil compaction parameters and acceptability criteria

Prepare earthworks design and testing specification

Prepare method statement, with details of the acceptability criteria and specification, for use by the earthworks contractor on site

Develop testing strategy

Supervise and monitor at the construction stage

Validation and quality control

Trial embankment design and monitoring

Slope Stability Analysis and Landslide rehabilitation

As part of its geotechnical consultancy service, Edafomichaniki Geotechnical Engineering team is able to give advice on all aspects of slope stability, including investigation, analysis, design and supervision of works.
The investigation of slopes can be required in order to determine failure mechanism, to ensure adequate stability against failure or to design stabilisation programmes. Obtaining the correct information is paramount, as is a good understanding of the fundamental principles of soil and rock mechanics. Of course what once involved complicated and lengthy calculations is now much easier with the use of up to date computer modelling programs.

Analysis and modelling generally take into account the following parameters:

Topography and slope profile

Slip surface geometry

Groundwater and pore pressure conditions

Soil and rock properties, (including material and mass properties)

Loading conditions

Anchor loads

Earthquake forces

Environmental restrictions

The analysis may be performed using limit equilibrium or finite element methods depending on the application, so that the client is assured that the most complete analysis available has been performed. Once the analysis has been complete Edafomichaniki Geotechnical Engineering team can offer guidance, undertake design and supervise the construction of new cuttings, slopes and embankments, stabilising systems such as reinforced earth, soil nailing, rock anchors, drains etc., design and supervision of stabilisation works such as drilling and grouting of mine workings or slope stability assessment, design and landslide remedial recommendations.

Settlement Analysis and Soil improvement

As part of the comprehensive range of geotechnical services offered by Edafomichaniki Geotechnical Engineering team, we are able to advise our clients on the likely amount and timing of settlement of natural soil, fill and made ground soils that may affect new or existing structures.
The prediction of the likely settlement of a structure is vital in selecting the most appropriate foundation solution for a new development. This can result in significant cost savings and reduce potential problems both during development and in subsequent years.
Soils are often variable and complex in nature and both knowledge and experience are required in order to ensure that the correct parameters are used in any analysis. By ensuring that the correct parameters are utilized, we are able to predict likely short term and long term settlements and provide our clients with safe and economically viable solutions

Expert Witness

The consultants within Edafomichaniki Geotechnical Engineering have a wide range of experience covering geology, engineering geology, hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering, contaminated land and their associated elements of testing and analysis. As a result of this we are qualified to act as an independent expert witness to provide professional opinion in matters of dispute resolution.
We have appeared in court and/or have provided written evidence for various legal disputes in Greece and abroad and are happy to provide assistance to clients on this basis.

Remediation Services

Edafomichaniki Geotechnical Engineering has more than 40 years experience of working in site investigation. We have a carefully selected, highly motivated team of professionals and their successful completion of projects has resulted in building strong relationships with a wide range of clients.

Our in-house capability includes drilling, sampling, testing and analysis with the production of factual or interpretative reports as required by our clients. Specific services include:

Geotechnical consulting

Desk based research and assessment of geotechnical hazards

Cable percussive and rotary boreholes in soil and rock

Soil and rock sampling

Installation of monitoring wells for monitoring groundwater and ground gas

Instrumentation installation and monitoring

Window sampling

Dynamic penetration testing

In-situ testing

Hand / machine excavated trial pits

On site geotechnical supervision

Geophysical techniques

Geotechnical testing

Analytical testing

Materials testing

Factual and interpretative reports

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