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Κυριότερα έργα

Η εταιρεία μας έχει αναπτύξει ιδιαίτερη εμπειρία σε έργα στο εξωτερικό

Διεθνής Έμπειρία

Έργα στα Βαλκάνια, στην Αφρική και στην Μέση Ανατολή.

Albania, Kavaja (9839)

Year: 1998

Description: Geotechnical investigations and final designs for the project Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the east west corridor section 1 Duress - Rroghozine Road Part: Kavaja By Pass (ch. 0+000 - 7+985)

Fyrom, Skopje-Pristina (9839)

Year: 2004 - 2005

Description: Geotechnical Preliminary Assesment of stability at various locations along the Skopje – Thessaloniki main oil pipeline

Romania, Bucarest (04109)

Year: 2004

Description: Preliminary geotechnical assessment of the north-east part of the peripheral Bucarest Ring Road (Concession project)

Kuwait, Bubyan Island (05043)

Year: 2005

Description: New Port of Bubyan island, road – rail embankments and bridges at Subiya strait - Geotechnical preliminary design for bidding stage - AEGEK S.A.

Serbia, Novisad (05048)

Year: 2005

Description: Preliminary geotechnical design for BESCA Bridges over the river Danube (Concession project)

Algeria, Oued Djer (07014)

Year: 2007

Description: Geotechnical final design for the diversion tunnel and slope stability improvement at Qued-Djer

United Arab Emirates, Abu-Dhabi (7537)

Year: 1983-1985

Description: Supervision and in - situ geotechnical quality control for the construction of 35 kms of streets for new group at the northern suburbs of ABU DHABI.

Libya, Sebha (7716)

Year: 1985-1986

Description: Expertise geotechnical reports for the construction of accessibility roads to SEBHA wells

Romania, Brazi (08040)

Year: 2007-2008

Description: Brazi combined cycle heat and power plant of a net power 867 MW, Petrobrazi Refinery, Natural Gas

Montenegro, Pljevlja (08053)

Year: 2008-2009

Description: New cement kiln line 3200 t/d (Clinker) - Geotechnical investigations, evaluation and final geotechnical design of various units

Iraq, Bagdad (8523)

Year: 1986-1987

Description: Geotechnical conceptual design for a new town at lake Tharthar

Tanzania, Zanzibar (8933)

Year: 1989

Description: Independent geotechnical expertise on piles construction concerning the new Harbour Docks of Pemba and Zanzibar

Turke, Samsun (09056 )

Year: 2009

Description: Combined Cycle Heat and Power Plant Power 2X435 MW in Samsun. Geotechnical Investigations and Final Designs of foundation of various units

United Arab Emirates, Fujairah (9210)

Year: 1990-1992

Description: Geotechnical investigations, design and construction surveillance with quality control of backfilled areas for a new oil tanks farm at Fujairah - U.A.E. (METRO-OIL Co.)

Russia, Kazan (9232)

Year: 1992

Description: Geotechnical design for the construction of swine-farms facilities

Ucraine, Volgograd (9258)

Year: 1992-1994

Description: Geotechnical investigations – evaluation and preliminary design of a new bridge over Volga river at Volgograd

British Virgin Islands, Tortola (9268)

Year: 1992

Description: Design of International Airport Pavement

Albania, Mamurrasi - Miloti (9446)

Year: 1995

Description: Road rehabiliation program, of road corridor Mamurrasi - Miloti Road

Syria, Deir Ali (10009)

Year: 2010

Description: Extension of Deir Ali II combined cycle Power Plant Geotechnical Investigations and Final Design of foundations of various units

Poland, Korzowa (10022)

Year: 2010

Description: Geotechnical consulting during construction of the A4 Motorway, part Radymno - Korzowa

Albania, Port of Durres (10038)

Year: 2010

Description: Design of reconstruction / rehabilitation of Quay 10 - 270 lm, Port of Durres Geotechnical design report of a secant pile-wall

Cyprus, Kammitsi (11001)

Year: 2011

Description: Laboratory tests carried out on samples of materials for the design of Dams Kammitsi and Archangelos

Algeri, Oran (11014)

Year: 2011-2013

Description: Final Geotechnical Design of BERKECHE irrigation Dam and associated structures - (ENB, HPO)

Algeria, Biskra (11015)

Year: 2011-2013

Description: Final Geotechnical Design of OULDJA irrigation Dam and associated structures - (ENB)

Syria, Deir Ar Zawr (11022)

Year: 2011-2012

Description: Extension of Deir Ar Zawr Combined Cycle Power Plant (C.C.P.P.) Supervision of Geotechnical Investigations and Final Geotechnical Design of foundations of various units

Cameroon, Douala (TE04_31)

Year: 2004

Description: Geotechnical Design for the foundation of a new bridge at Mungo river

Pakistan, Karachi (TE07_003)

Year: 2007

Description: Geotechnical investigations and final design for the foundation of  Gas Turbines at Korangi Thermal Power Station

Albania, Dures-Tirana (13011)

Year: 2013

Description: Detailed Design of Durres-Tirana Public Transport Terminal (PPT) and of the new railway connection to Rinas Airport (TIA) and Financial - Economic Appraisal of the whole Albanian Railway Network

Romania , Copsa-Mica (15026)

Year: 2015

Description: Geotechnical Consulting for the project "NEW WAΕLZ KILN LINE IN SOMETRA SITE, SIBIU" ROMANIA

Algeria, Mila (13040)

Year: 2013

Description: Approbation des Etudes et des Plans d'Execution, Assistance Technique, suivi et controle des Travaux de construction du Tunnel PK9 et de la conduite de refoulement entre PK7 et PK11 du Transfert des eaux a partir de la station de pompage de BÉNI HAROUN vers le Barrage reservoir OUED ATHMANIA dans la Wilaya de Mila

Ghana, Takoradi (15027)

Year: 2015

Description: Geotechnical Consulting for the project "AMANDI  POWER PLANT, TAKORADI", GHANA

Madagascar, Antanavarino (17038)

Year: 2017

Description: Construction du Tunnel reliant la CNAPS et l'Avenue de l'Indipendence

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